Welcome to Seisa.de! These pages were created to share my topic of personal interest with other people: Ozumo, in Western Countries better know as Sumo Wrestling. My two "major subjects" are the following ones:

You can select these at the top of the site. On the left you will find another topic I also follow closely: The career of Suzunohana Kazunori, a rikishi whom I "adopted" back in 2000 and who has retired in 2008.

The word "seisa" is Japanese and written like so:

Readings: SEI, SHOU, ao, ao.i, o
Translation: blue, green
(Part of the name of the dominant man of the time when I started this pages: Asashoryu Akinori.)
Readings: SA, SHA, suna, isa, go
Translation: sand
(Asashoryu-san is member of Takasago-beya.)

It is tradition in Ozumo to pick up the name (or parts of it) of your master, your home town or someone you admire. I made no exception to that custom. The only strange thing about it is the stable I took it from. Usually I select kanji connected with my favourite Takanohana-beya.

If you add the water radical (85) to the first kanji, it is a given name for boys and read "Seisa" then, too. There are also two places in Japan that refer to green sand: 857-4403 Aosaura (Green Sand Bay) is a town in the province of Nagasaki, 027-0322 Aozari (Green Sand Village) is in the province of Iwate. Both happen to be of no major interest on the web. If you are from there of have photos from there, please send me a short mail. I'd be happy to hear from you!

For any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send a mail.

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